Dashboards management per logged user Dynamic management of User-defined type (UDT) Dynamic management of User-defined Functions (UDFs) Call from ANY web browser, desktop or smart device. Dashboards per logged person. SAP Calendar access per logged user or selected user. SAP objects accessibility control, per user. It cover (Full, Edit, read only, no access), per each object. We can view/download/email the mar-keting documents directly from bWEB. If you have a special cases which are not in bWEB, then you can create you add-ons in bWEB to cover it, the add--ons are development in .Net Objects are split to the lower level, Quotations; Invoices are the objects from bWEB point of view. HTML reports are available on the fly for any consultant You can set the sorting of the fields view per block, set a manda-tory criteria’s for selected fields. Crystal Reports calling, we can call any Crystal report built previously in SAP, and exposed it on the web, if the user has the rights to, this include Marketing documents reports, Business reports, custom reports.